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Mike Inel's 'Which' Is a Captivatingly Terrifying Gaming Experience

whichLight and shadow have always played a vital role in artistic mediums, and last year saw the emergence of several games that utilized light in profound ways. '
Alan Wake,' 'Amnesia: The Dark Descent' and 'Lost in Shadow' not only steeped themselves in ghostly atmospherics, but also used light as a core gameplay mechanic. This week, we'll take a look at several shadowy games that will leave you crying for your flashlight.

With PC indie game 'Which,' designer Mike Inel has created a piece of horror gaming to rival the medium's heretofore masterpiece, 'Silent Hill 2.' (If you've played the latter, especially in the dark, then you know how high this praise is.) 'Which' is a first-person adventure and exploration game, set in a small two-story house from which you must escape. The game uses the traditional FPS control scheme: 'WASD' keys for movement, and the mouse for looking around. The left mouse button can manipulate objects, while the right button will make you crouch. You must locate keys hidden throughout the house, which will allow you to explore further, and, hopefully, find a way out. Much of the gameplay itself involves checking every dim corner for overlooked objects, so proceed carefully and keep your eyes open. Overshadowing the simple gameplay, however, are the game's nightmarish environs. Inel's dramatically minimalistic design is inspiring. The ashen, fuzzed-out interior of the house is steeped in a dream-like quality that makes the world outside your computer screen fade away. Inel's creation draws you in with its dramatic lighting, methodical pace and utterly unique sense of disembodied hypnagogia. While the game's two endings symbolize themes of compassion and intelligent self-preservation, they seem redundant in the face of such impressive atmospherics. 'Which' ultimately showcases how well a free, downloadable game can transport someone into an entirely otherworldly experience.
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