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Medvedev Shooting Game Draws Russian Police Inquiry

president dmitry medvedevWhile political observers in the U.S. discuss and criticize metaphorical "hit lists" and cross-hairs, Russian authorities are currently investigating a far more graphic, and interactive, assassination innuendo. A pop-up game, which appears as a banner on the Alyans-Telekom website, invites participants to blast a floating caricature of President Dmitry Medvedev. Once executed, the virtual Medvedev reportedly dons a halo, and ascends out of the screen.

Russian prosecutors in the Primorye province have apparently initiated an "inquiry" into the telecom firm, and have also asked the site to remove the banner. According to Reuters, politician Galust Akhoyan expressed particular disdain, saying, "Caricatures of politicians in civilized societies -- that is business as usual. But to use the head of state as a target, that is extremism." The inquiry will probably force the website to remove the banner game soon, and the Alyans-Telekom director has already apologized for the "wild PR people" who "are not from this world."

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