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Man Files $150 Million Lawsuit Against WikiLeaks for Emotional Distress

Pitchford V. Assange
Julian Assange may not want to face the rest of his legal problems, but there is a suit against him and WikiLeaks being filed in Florida that the self-appointed defender of freedom is almost guaranteed to win. David Pitchford has filed a typo-laden, $150 million lawsuit against Assange and WikiLeaks, claiming the release of the sensitive data has caused him severe emotional distress. Among his list of complaints are depression, stress and worsening hypertension, for which he blames the whistle blower and the fact that it has brought us to "the brink of Nucliar WAR." Apparently, in the past, Pitchford has attempted to sue Osama Bin Laden, as well as Barry Goldwater, which leads us to believe that he might be a little nuts. Check out the complaint after the break.

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