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Cell Phone Cheats Caught Using Spectrum Analyzer

Spectrum Analyzer Cell phones, particularly fancy new smartphones, have become the bane of teachers across the nation -- not just because they provide an in-class distraction, but also because they've made it increasingly easy to cheat on exams. Officials in Taiwan have devised a solution to catch cheaters in the act using spectrum analyzers. Officials monitoring exams for government jobs used Rohde and Schwarz FSH4 spectrum analyzers to identify and locate mobile phone signals. Those taking the tests are asked turn their phones off for the duration of the exam; thus, any detected cellular signals indicated the possibility of cheating. The analyzers ultimately identified three potential cheaters.

For now, educators here in the U.S. will just have to be extra vigilant for students texting or searching the Web for answers, but we can easily see a time when spectrum analyzers are an integral part of any academic examination room.

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