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How to Put Your Netflix Account on Hold

netflix on hold There's a little red envelope that's sitting on our coffee table, and in it is a DVD. We haven't opened that envelope since it arrived, and it's been lying there, gathering dust and staring at us accusingly, as if to say, "Will you ever make it through all of 'Lawrence of Arabia'?" We tell ourselves we'll get around to it. Days go by, then weeks. Seasons change, time passes, we grow old. And still that envelope is sitting there, its contents unwatched and kept from the eager eyes of other Netflix users.

This is the sad truth for many Netflix subscribers. Unless you are a diligent film freak, it's likely you'll wind up with movies that go unwatched for far too long. No matter the reason, neglecting an unwatched DVD gives one the feeling of not getting your money's worth. Thankfully, Netflix offers a convenient way to put your account on hold, whether you're not around, have too much happening, or simply have to make some economic cuts. In that case, freezing your account is an incredibly convenient way to stop using Netflix without completely ending your membership.

When your account is frozen, you will not be able to receive DVDs or watch Instant films. You can still use the site, however, and add titles to your queue. Naturally, your account won't be billed, either. The process is easy: Just sign into your account, go to the "Your Account & Help" menu at the top, and select "Put Membership on Hold." Here, you can choose when you want your account to be reactivated, although Netflix limits you to a time frame between seven and 90 days. Of course, it's best to do this at the very end of a month, as Netflix will bill you even for partial months during which the service is active. Make sure to send all your DVDs back promptly, or else you'll get hit with a hefty fee. Now you'll be able to see if you can live Netflix-free, or if the absence makes your movie-loving heart grow fonder.

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