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Ketchup Robot's Aim Could Use Some Help, Facebook Key Commands

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Here are a few of the other noteworthy things we saw today on our never-ending journey through the wild, wild Web.


A Simpler Page
Presently there's a clear rift in iPad editorial design. There are those applications -- iBooks, Kindle, New York Times, Wired, The New Yorker -- that attempt to transpose a type of print design built around physical cues to a screen lacking those same cues. They treat the boundaries of the iPad screen like the edges of a printed sheet of paper-sometimes awkwardly forcing content into columns which aren't optimized for the canvas.
How Twitter And Facebook Are Changing Internet Buzz
As much as social networks like Twitter and Facebook are now expected to blend seamlessly into our everyday lives, help overthrow rogue nations, or bring about increased funding for worthy causes with the "like" button, their capacity for expansion-and action-depends on trust.



  • Michel Gondry describes the new special effect he created for 'The Green Hornet' that enables different parts of a fight scene to move at entirely different speeds. [From: Vulture]
  • Little-known fact: Facebook supports key commands. Holding down Alt (ctrl+option on a Mac) along with one of several modifier keys will quickly whisk you to profile pages, personal messages, notifications and more. [From: Lifehacker]

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