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Best Netflix Apps for Managing Your Queue on the Go

netflix appsWith the number of times that we've had a friend tell us about an incredible flick (only to forget the title later), or that we suddenly remember a favorite film we haven't seen in ages, having mobile access to our Netflix accounts is vital.

The official app has one gigantic leg up over third-party competitors on both iPhone and Windows 7: the ability to stream movies directly to your device. This feature alone sets the original apart from the rest, but, in a baffling move, the official app lacks the ability to manage personal queues.

This strange omission allows third-party apps to pick up plenty of slack -- helping the user to browse films, add them to their queue, and read film reviews. We've rounded up the most prominent third-party Netflix helpers and broken them down by what they do best, so you can pick the one that's right for you.

Top Pick for All Phone Operating Systems:

Movies by Flixster
flixster While Flixster's primary service is a showtime guide for local movie theaters (a role it fills fantastically), it also hosts basic Netflix drag-and-drop queue management capabilities. 'Movies by Flixster' is great for those who spend as much time watching and reviewing movies in actual theaters as they do at home. (Imagine that!)


phlix The iPhone users among us adore 'iPhlix.' The app's high-resolution presentation is designed specifically for the iPhone 4's Retina display, and the drag-and-drop queue management is killer. Beyond good looks, iPhlix also boasts a rich feature set that rivals that of other paid apps, like social compatibility, user reviews, and Blu-ray and Instant search.

movieflick This fully featured queue-management app is one of the best on the market. While its $1.99 cost may turn some users off, it has some great features: drag-and-drop arrangement; an in-depth, actor- or director-based search function; the ability to rate movies; and, for burgeoning critics, Rotten Tomatoes connectivity.


netqfree 'NetQFree' lets users quickly scan the streaming films that are about to expire, which is great for those who want to catch up on their Watch Instantly queue before a given film disappears. Users can also check out future releases in both Instant and disc categories, as well as the New York Times critics' picks for some well-regarded recommendations.


Movela Netflix Queue Manager
While pricey, this app is the best bet for the BlackBerry users who crave total access to the Netflix library. It allows in-depth browsing and searching, as well as queue management.

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