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50 Cent Boosts Penny Stock 290-Percent Using Twitter

50 Cent Tweets Investment Advice
Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, made himself a cool $8.7 million on Monday, thanks to his widely followed Twitter account. The rapper started plugging H&H Imports, of whose dirt-cheap stock Jackson owned 30 million shares. At the opening of Monday's trading day, H&H was valued at $0.10 a share, and, by the time the closing bell rang, the price had climbed to $0.39, or an increase of 290-percent. H&H has been losing money pretty much since it began in 2009, though, which has seemingly led many investors to jump ship as the stock price has climbed. This is good business sense, but it caused the stock to start dropping in price Tuesday, hitting $0.29 per share as of the time of this writing.

Obviously, Fitty hadn't thought about selling his stocks just yet, as he's gotten quite indignant on Twitter. He's encouraging people to keep investing in H&H, and is even retweeting messages from supporters: "those who dont take your ventures serious are silly haters & must be poor business people." Apparently the Switched crew are "silly haters," because, honestly, we're not in the habit of taking investment advice from rappers in 140-character chunks. If he were handing out tips on battling, we might just pay attention.

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