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'Attack a Teacher Day' Facebook Event Leads to Six Adolescent Girls' Arrests

facebook loginSix middle-schoolers in Carson City, Nevada have been arrested for using Facebook to threaten violence against their teachers. One of the six students, all of whom are 12- and 13-year-old girls, created a Facebook event entitled "Attack a Teacher Day," and allegedly invited around 100 others to do that very thing last Friday. The other five girls, among the invitees, allegedly posted threatening messages to the event's page.

"Even if the six girls meant it as a joke, there's no way to know if the other students who accepted the invitation weren't going to carry out the attacks in some fashion," said Carson City Sheriff's Deputy Jessica Rivera to the Associated Press. Quickly released to their parents after the arrests, the girls are all facing suspensions from school, between three and five days long. Surprisingly enough, the girls had never seen such trouble before. Some, in fact, were near the top of their classes, and others had held what the AP is calling "leadership positions."

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