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Tech Terms Still Pwning Language, as 'App' Wins Word of the Year

iPhone with Apps'Overshare,' 'w00t,' 'unfriend,' 'tweet': All have been honored, at some point, by an organization as "words of the year." For 2010, the American Dialect Society chose yet another tech term: 'app.' The shorthand for 'application' narrowly beat out the onomatopoeic 'nom, nom, nom,' which we think would have been much more fun to hear a bunch of stuffy linguists have to repeat on news clips. Although word of the year competitions have long been dominated by tech slang, last year also saw an influx of partisan political coinages, like "Palinism," "refudiate," "Obamacare," "mama grizzly," and "tea bagger." Ultimately, the panel of about 120 linguists decided on "app" instead, citing its ubiquity. One voter even noted that her elderly mother knew the term, despite not actually having or using any apps.

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