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Multicolored Ink Droplets Bouncing Off Water Dazzle the Eyes

tobias brauening's ink photos
Inspired by raindrops, a German software engineer created some dazzling photographs of ink bouncing off the surface of water, a phenomenon that would normally be invisible to the naked eye. According to The Daily Mail, amateur photographer Tobias Brauening rigged a circuit board to trigger a camera shutter, and to open three valves at the same moment. Each valve drops a different color of ink into a plastic tank filled with water. At the point of impact, the camera captures the three colors coming together and bouncing off the water. Obviously, it took trial and error to capture these amazing shapes and colors with such precision. "A collision of three drops needs accurate timing in a range of a few milliseconds," Brauening told the Daily Mail. If the ink drops too fast, or the shutter opens too late, that means Brauening would end up with ripples instead of an ink droplet -- each one looking like a glass mushroom, growing out of the water.

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