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HTC Evo Deflects Bullet Aimed at Chest, Saves Nightclub Valet's Life

An Atlanta, Georgia man has his cell phone to thank for saving his life.

John Garber, a parking attendant at a local nightclub, was shot in the chest by two men after one of them was thrown out of the club earlier in the evening. Garber was struck in the breast, but his cell phone deflected the bullet. (A 'Ha!' to naysayers who thought the Evo was too bulky.) He sustained only minor injuries, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

"You owe me a new cell phone," Garber told his boss at National Parking after his HTC Evo failed to survive the attack. This isn't the first time that a cell phones has doubled as a bulletproof vest, so perhaps now we'll start carrying ours in our shirt pockets. Just to be safe.

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