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Ford Announces MyFord Mobile App, Teases Unannounced Electric Car

my ford mobileFord has not officially announced an all-electric vehicle yet, but that hasn't stopped the company from unveiling 'MyFord Mobile,' an app specifically designed to work with a (currently non-existent) battery-powered car. Ford announced Android, iPhone and BlackBerry versions of the app, along with an HTML5-powered Web-app, accessible from a PC and many dumbphones. The app allows a user to do all the things you'd expect, like check the charge level of your mysterious car, locate it using GPS and remotely start the car or unlock the doors. You can also fire up the AC or heat to get your car nice and comfy before heading off on your vehicular adventure.

Ford also mentioned the ability to schedule charging sessions to avoid peak electricity rates, and mobile alerts for when you need to plug in the car. Obviously, Ford is planning to enter the electric vehicle market, and with an impressively connected car, at that. We'd bet good money the announcement will come sooner rather than later.

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