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Saudi Arabia Accuses Israeli Bird of Espionage

not the israeli bird in questionThe Middle East may be once again on the brink of ornithological warfare, now that Saudi Arabian officials have detained an Israeli bird suspected of espionage. The bird was first spotted in a rural area of the country, wearing a transmitter and a leg bracelet that read 'Tel Aviv University.' Officials promptly took the creature into custody, and accused it of being a Mossad spy.

Its tag would logically suggest that the bird was involved in an innocent academic research project on, say, migration patterns. But many in Saudi Arabia think otherwise. Local residents are openly suspecting that the animal could be part of an elaborate "Zionist plot" against the country, while Iran's Tabnak news agency went so far as to claim that the incident "leaves no doubt that other birds are going to be sent by the Zionist regime for espionage against Saudi Arabia and other countries." The detained bird, like any good spy, had no comment.

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