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Mac App Store Launches With Official Twitter App, Desktop 'Angry Birds'

In the midst of CES mania, Apple kicked out a couple updates this morning. The Mac App Store brings the popular iOS App Store model to the desktop, assaulting office productivity by launching 'Angry Birds' and an official Twitter app (formerly Tweetie) on Snow Leopard. If you fired up your Mac Software Update this morning, you may have noticed the Mac OS X 10.6.6 update, which is unfortunately the only way to get the Mac App Store.

On restart, you'll find a new App Store icon in your dock, and the App Store is very similar to what you see on your iPad or iPhone. It's pretty simple; everything is searchable, and each app gets a dedicated page with screen shots, ratings and descriptions. Downloading an app prompts you to enter your Apple account information, and, once approved, the purchased app will appear in your dock.

We're still digging into the store, but go ahead and grab 'Angry Birds' ($4.99) and the new official Twitter app (free). At first glance, browsing, searching and downloading apps on the Mac App Store is much more streamlined than doing so via Apple's old Web-based downloads section.

A quick note before you download: many users noticed an "unknown error (100)" when first launching the store, an issue that apparently arises due to new iTunes Terms and Conditions. A simple quit and restart of the app (or your computer) should get you on your merry app-downloading way.

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