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Lady Gaga Unveils Polaroid's Grey Label Line, Including Video-Camera Glasses

lady gaga at polaroid
Lady Gaga returned to CES this year, reprising her role as top-billed celebrity eye candy and creative director for Polaroid. We waited, and waited -- just as we did last year -- to get a glimpse of the petite diva among a throng of sweaty journos, industry affiliates and even a greasy fan or two. Gaga finally appeared, after Polaroid Chairman Bobby Sager was literally booed off the stage by the increasingly angry horde, wearing an outfit and hairstyle significantly toned down from the hedgehog-starburst motif that she rocked last year. While the fashion was a bit of a letdown, she actually had products to debut this time.

Lady Gaga Grey Line for Polaroid

Gaga introduced Polaroid's new Grey Label series of products, first unveiling a pair of oversize sunglasses. But, as you may expect, Gaga put her signature touch on the eyewear, turning them into camera glasses with a pair of 1.5-inch embedded LCD displays -- much like (and inspired by) her famous "video glasses." You can connect the glasses to your computer via USB through the earpiece, or send the photos to printer via Bluetooth.

Gaga then took a photo of the people attending ("Smile! You're so f**ing famous!" she squealed) and printed it out with the second product -- a pocket-sized digital photo printer, naturally. It took about 40 seconds (no more than it would take to shake a classic Polaroid snap, we figure) before the slim box spat out a three-by-five inch image. The printer can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device, she explained, but not iPhones. This elicited alternating boos and cheers.

The Lady also debuted a new digital camera with a delightfully modern-retro design, recalling the form of the classic Instant camera. The sleek cam takes digital photos, but also features an instant printer that utilizes the company's Zero Ink technology. The underside sports a large LCD display, while the back has a more classic viewfinder.

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