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Casio's Transforming Tryx Restores Our Shattered Faith in the Point-And-Shoot

casio tryx
As DSLR fanatics, we've been quietly and happily singing the death of point-and-shoots for a while now, but CES and Casio have brought news of a pocket-sized camera that verily throws our entire photographic belief system into question. Behold the Tryx, a piece of Transformer ingenuity that boasts three different configurations -- although, really, the possibilities are kinda endless. The three-inch touchscreen LCD pops out of the frame, which can be propped up as a tripod, or turned into a sort of anywhere-hanger to help shoot your combined remake of 'Man With a Movie Camera' and 'Koyaanisqatsi.'

A 12.1-megapixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor and a 21-millimeter lens provide optimal picture quality and range for such a tiny cam (.59 inches thick!), which also shoots 1080p video, slow motion video (at speeds up to 240 fps), HDR snaps and 360-degree panoramas. The screen is touch-based, allowing for touch-shutter and touch-focus. But, really, the draw is the flexibility of Tryx's design. You can find better cameras that will give you the same features and more -- but they won't be able to effortlessly hang from a tree limb or prop themselves up on a park bench. Look for the Tryx when it's released in April, for $249.99.

Casio Tryx Camera

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