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'1st St@tus' Facebook Scam Promises First Status Update, Delivers Annoyance

Sophos has unearthed a new '1st St@tus' Facebook scam that, like many others before it, is spreading like wildfire via suspiciously spammy Wall posts.

The fraudulent posts read, "My 1st St@tus was: '[random message].' This was posted on [random date]," followed by a link, where other users can allegedly find their very own first 'st@tus.' Clicking on the link will take you to a Facebook application, which will then request permission to access your account -- and to post messages in your name.

If you continue along the pursuit for your first status, you'll eventually be prompted to fill out a survey, designed to earn commission for the spammers behind the scam. Meanwhile, the rogue app will have posted a duplicate message on your own Facebook Wall for all your friends to devour. And, worst of all, the "1st St@tus" it generates won't even be your real first status.

The formula underpinning the scam is all-too familiar to most Facebook users, but there are obviously many others who still fall for it. As always, it's best to avoid the trick altogether, and resist the temptation to click.

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