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Barnes & Noble's Colorful NOOK Kids App Comes to iPad

Barnes & Noble launches Nook Kids for iPad.
Already available on Barnes & Noble's NOOKcolor e-reader, the 'NOOK Kids' app is now available on the iPad. According to TUAW, the app features hundreds of colorful, interactive books, which it will read aloud to your kids, and also easily syncs with your NOOKcolor device. The free app, which also works on the iPhone, comes with two initial downloads -- Richard Scarry's 'Colors,' and Rudyard Kipling's 'The Elephant's Child.' After that, parents (who, let's face it, are the ones really being targeted by this app) will have to purchase new titles each time their little darling wants something to read. Finding something to read shouldn't be a problem, since just about every kid's favorite -- from Amelia Bedelia to Thomas the Tank Engine -- is available in the B&N store.

CNET points out that, while it might be a little more enjoyable to read a colorful kid's book on the iPad's larger screen (almost ten inches versus NOOKcolor's seven), Apple's App Store offers some cheaper kid's books for iPad users.

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