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Motorola Debuts Xoom Tablet, Droid Bionic and Cliq 2

motorola lineup ces
With a tablet, new phones and some intriguing docking functionality for mobile handsets, Motorola isn't messing around at this year's CES. The company just finished detailing some of its Android-heavy lineup for 2011, and the big news is clearly the serious-looking new Xoom tablet. Head after the break for a breakdown of what you need to know.

Xoom TabletXoom Tablet

Hitting the wires before the Moto press conference got fully underway, the new Xoom tablet is running the new Android 3.0 OS, and packs a 10.1-inch screen (larger than the iPad's 9.7 inches). It's got 32GB of storage, 720p video recording via its five-megapixel camera, 1080p HD video playback, and the ability to upgrade to 4G later this year.
Slated for Q1 launch, 2011

atrix 4gAtrix 4G and Webtop

Moto spent some time showing off its Atrix 4G device that debuted at AT&T's event this morning. The phone's running Android 2.2, offers fingerprint login security and has over 1GB of RAM. The Webtop functionality got shown off in more detail; dropping the Atrix into the Webtop HD Dock lets you view HD video, edits documents, browse the Web (tabbed), play games and use the apps that are on your phone. The Laptop Dock essentially functions like Palm's failed Foleo, functioning as a larger screen and keyboard for your phone.

Droid Bionic

The Droid line gets another powerful addition with the first LTE-equipped Bionic, which gives you 4G video chat capabilities. It's got a 4.3-inch screen, two cameras, a zippy dual-core 1GHz processor, and an HDMI output to view movies on your HDTV. Like the Bionic, it's got a bumped up qHD resolution at 960x540.
Available second quarter, 2011.

Motorola Cliq 2

The 3.7-inch Cliq 2, also running Android, comes with a funky slide-out keyboard dotted with hexagonal buttons. It's got full support for Wi-Fi calling, and you'll be able to use it as a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to five other devices.
Available on T-Mobile, January 19th

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