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Case Maker Sneaks iPad 2 Mockup Into CES

iPad 2 Mockup
A company called Dexim showed up at CES with a fancy new iPad case in tow -- but it's not exactly what you think. The black book-style case has a Bluetooth keyboard, which magnetically attaches to a cover that folds down and allows you to whip up e-mails in a laptop-like position. What makes the case particularly intriguing, though, is that it's not designed for the iPad you may or may not be currently carrying around. Instead, the overzealous company broke out a case created for the unannounced iPad 2. Our friends at Engadget spotted the case, and, when they asked if they could slide their iPad into the case to test it out, they were told it wouldn't fit. A quick examination of the aluminum mockup inside revealed that not only was this iPad stand-in smaller than the current model, but it also packed a pair of cameras, holes, a large speaker on the rear and a slightly different placement of the home button -- all of which lines up with the iPad 2 rumors we've already heard.

With several cases for the alleged iPad 2 having popped up (and all of them sporting the same basic features), we think it's safe to assume that, when the successor to the Apple tablet finally lands, it will be sporting dual cameras, a larger speaker and a smaller bezel -- all welcome improvements to the current design.

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