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Texting Your Car a Reality With Hyundai Blue Link

Hyundai with Blue Link
Hyundai is here at CES, and it wasted no time announcing its new Blue Link system. Combining GPS navigation with an entertainment system and Internet connectivity, Blue Link can turn even the humble Sonata into a digital powerhouse of a vehicle. You can even remote start and disable your car with a text message. The system's speech-recognition software can help you in finding points of interest, navigating and interacting with the in-dash entertainment system. You'll also find a host of advanced OnStar-like features, such as remote start and unlock, roadside assistance and emergency notification. There are also a host of anti-theft features, such as automatic slowdown and GPS-enabled vehicle recovery. And, of course, there are hands-free features that allow you to send texts and make calls while keeping your digits securely on the steering wheel.

Blue Link will be launching in the spring, first with the Sonata and later with the Veloster. Hyundai plans to have the system available on all models by 2013. There's no word, however, on what the system or a subscription to the service (if one will in fact be required) will cost.

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