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Indie Game 'suteF' Is a Horrifically Wonderful Puzzle Platformer

Our New Year's resolution for 2011? Be weirder. We have more realistic first-person shooters and self-important RPGs than we know what to do with. We want more games that evoke the singular dream-like wonder of the films of David Lynch or the music of 'The Residents'. Care to join us on our trip into the strange? Then check out this week's picks for time wasters that will leave you as captivated as you are confused.

Ted Lauterbach's 'suteF' takes us on a puzzle-filled platforming journey that is as disturbing as it is strange. You assume the role of Aramas, a blue-skinned creature who is trying to find his way out of The Abyss, which is a foreboding place populated with horrific creatures and dangerous physics-based puzzles. While the milieu is bizarre, game play consists of the usual mix of crate moving, anti-gravity switches, lasers and using of the game's wraparound level structure (you can fall off one side of the screen and appear on the other). The less-than-precise control scheme forces you to forget about long leaps and nimble maneuvers; 'suteF' is more about manipulating the environment than Mario-esque flying leaps. Nevertheless, you do have a few tricks up your sleeve, like a simple, clean jump with the 'Z' key or extending a grappling hook with 'X'. Whether we're walking down dark corridors littered with lifeless corpses, interacting with the terrifically strange, or witnessing a level shift suddenly in the midst of gameplay, playing 'suteF' provides a constant stream of unexpected delights. If you're a fan of Lauterbach's combination of dream-like horror puzzles and platforming, then be sure to check out 'suteF's' predecessors, 'Fetus' and 'Descent.'

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