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Nintendo DS Named Best Selling Console Ever, Spanks Other Systems

Nintendo DSHey, it may be a little guy (with its iddle-widdle screen and adorable itsy-bitsy buttons), but the Nintendo DS packs quite the punch. After tabulating the sales figures for 2010, Nintendo recently announced that the Wii had sold 34 million consoles since its launch. Impressive, you say. Very impressive. But the Nintendo DS trounces the Wii's moment of glory with nearly 50 million clamshells sold in the United States alone. (The closest competitor was the PlayStation 2, which sold 50 million in North America.)

Granted, Nintendo is smooshing together three systems (the DS, the DS Lite and the DSi) into this sales figure, but, even so, all sorts of players love the little hand-held. As DS aficionados, this is great news. But we wonder if the hotly anticipated 3DS (and the first one we've considered purchasing since we made the incredible DS Lite a part of our gaming family) will live up to its big brother's hype, or if the possibly prohibitive price point will dissuade those who head to the DS for pocket-friendly thrills. DS, we salute you; you were the first (and cutest) little touch screen device to steal our hearts.

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