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Argument Over Facebook Page Turns Into Stabbing for Indiana Couple

An Indianapolis couple has proven (yet again) that Facebook is nothing but trouble. After Maurice Davenport refused to let his girlfriend, Shemicka McVey, see his Facebook profile last Sunday night, an argument erupted. Taking the argument downstairs, and away from their two-year-old child's bedroom, McVey and Davenport continued to argue, while, at some point, McVey picked up a kitchen knife. It was this knife, McVey claims, with which she accidentally stabbed Davenport in the bicep.

At present, it seems that neither lovebird has pressed charges, and that the two are still happily friended on Facebook. We wish these two the best, and hope that they can put down the social networking for a little while, and work out their troubles the old-fashioned way: going on a talk show.

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