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Parrot Debuts DIA, The First Drool-Worthy Digital Photo Frame

parrot dia
Digital photo frames are, in a word, a joke. Few technologies are taken less seriously by both geeks and consumers alike than frames, most of which consist of the cheapest LCD screens the manufacturer could source, crammed into a tacky plastic case. But Parrot, the company that wowed us at last year's CES with the AR Drone, just unveiled the DIA, the first digital photo frame to make us stop and say, "I want that." The DIA is inspired by lightboxes and slide film. The actual LCD display is separated from its backlight, giving a transparent effect to your photos that the designers, Jean-Louis Frechin and Uros Petrevski, liken to images captured with Kodak's Ektachrome film. The light and display aren't just separated, though; there are openings on the sides of the frame that allow light to spill out and (if you really want) for objects to be inserted between the light and display, casting a shadow on the image.

The frame itself is simple and white, with the only hints of its digital nature being the recessed controls at the top and the SD card slot and USB ports on the side. While you can certainly load photos on the DIA using the USB or SD ports, you can also send photos to the frame wirelessly over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. (There's even an app for sending images to it from your iPhone.) Of course, no digital photo frame would be complete without a few extras, and the DIA delivers a number of preinstalled apps: You can explore the Earth and relive vacations via Google Maps (Holidays), view 19th century woodcuts and illustrations (Cabinet of Curiosities) and check the news and weather (FrameChannel). The Parrot DIA will go on sale in February for an undisclosed price, but considering Parrot's other designer digital photo frames start at a stunning $450, we wouldn't expect it to be cheap.

Parrot DIA

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