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iRobot Unveils Tiny Scooba 'Smart Mop'

iRobot just unveiled an updated model of its autonomous, floor-washing robot, Scooba, which, at just 6.5-inches across, is half the width of its predecessor. The 3.5-inch-tall Scooba 230 will launch this spring and cost $299. The pint-sized bot comes with all the bells and whistles of most other smart mops -- sensors that make sure it doesn't roll down stairs and bumpers that protect your walls. But the Scooba 230, which works on all tile and wood floors, also boasts a new dual cleaning bladder system inside its hull, rather than standard cleaning tanks. One bladder deflates, emptying water and cleaning solution onto the floor, while the other bladder inflates, storing dirty water that Scooba has picked up. It remains to be seen if cats will be able to climb on the smaller top for the requisite YouTube videos.

Scooba 230

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