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Hotmail's Mysterious Disappearing E-Mails Returning to Users' Inboxes

windows live hotmail Many Hotmail users across the world reported over the weekend that their e-mails had been mysteriously deleted. Over the past couple of days, Microsoft's official forums were filled with complaints from users claiming that their inboxes and all of their folders had been emptied, with some suspecting that their accounts had been hacked. Microsoft's Hotmail technical team has acknowledged that it's aware of the issue, and that it's working to restore access for those affected. A Microsoft spokeswoman, however, told the BBC that the problem was not widespread. Check out DownloadSquad for more.

ZDnet reports that Microsoft officials posted the following to the Hotmail support forums:
"We have restored the e-mails to those who were [a]ffected. If you are still missing your emails, please post your issue here (please note that you need to be logged in to the site to be able to post) with as much detailed information as possible (How much wasn't restored, and any specifics that you may have). We sincerely apologize and thank you for your continued patience."

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