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Nintendo Warns 3DS Could Damage Kids' Eyes

nintendo 3dsOnly months before the 3DS launches in Japan and the U.S., Nintendo is now warning customers on its Japanese site that children under 6 years old shouldn't use the 3-D console, because it might damage the development of their eyes. The 3DS, which features 3-D gameplay without glasses, will have the option to lock into 2-D mode so younger kids can safely play, according to Engadget. While overprotective parents will still freak out, it's important to note that there aren't yet any credible studies of modern 3-D technology that could prove Nintendo's concerns hold water. Of course, with the proliferation of 3-D TVs and games, these studies will come. But Dr. Michael Ehrenhaus, a New York ophthalmologist, told FOX News that Nintendo's current disclaimer could be premature. "I don't foresee it as a major issue, they're just being overly concerned," he said of the warning. Nintendo also warned adults that they should use the 3DS for just 30 minutes at a time, since eye fatigue occurs faster when you're looking at 3-D images than at 2-D ones.

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