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24 Videos From 2010 That Should've Gone Viral, But Didn't

24 videos from 2010
Everything is remixed and reblogged to death these days, so we've got very little desire to see yet another OK Go video, Old Spice riff or Double Rainbow in 2011. But, on a second look back on 2010 we picked our favorite videos that didn't necessarily go hyper viral -- the ones that warrant more than an e-mail forward or quick tweet. You'll find Zuckerberg's weirdest on-stage performance, the beginning of the Kinect hacks frenzy (as well as a few failures) and some good, ol' fashioned slo-mo camera tricks. Head after the break for 24 videos from the past 12 months we'll unearth years from now to see what a weird year it truly was.


Chris Beckman's expert editing of found footage showing people dropping cameras is one of the most endearing videos of the year. [From: Vimeo]

Bowling: Man v. Machine

Pro bowler Chris Barnes takes on EARL the bowling robot, and scores one for humanity by topping the bot 259 to 209. [From: YouTube]

Inside Paul Rudd's Computer

Paul Rudd puts in his performance of the year in this bizarro 'Brazil'-meets-Windows 3.1 'Tim and Eric' skit. [From: YouTube]

Dentsu 3-D Light Painting

Dentsu London and BERG created a technique to embed light paintings in photographs and video, a process that was app-ified and made available for under $1 in the App Store just a few months later. [From: Vimeo]

Umbilical Cord iPhone

This squirming umbilical cord iPhone charger wins weirdest and most Cronenbergian peripheral of the year. [From: YouTube]

Swimming Snake Bot

We may be able to beat the robots in bowling, but we clearly don't stand a chance underwater. [From: YouTube]


We've been keeping a close eye on the quadrocopter out of the University of Pennsylvania's GRASP Lab since we first saw the autonomous 'bot flying through rings in September. [From: YouTube]

Super Mario on an 8x8 LED matrix

Chloe Fan pared down the original 'Super Mario Bros' to an Arduino-powered minimalist, yet instantly recognizable, 8x8 grid. [From: Vimeo]


Far too much time and hand-wringing was spent on Bumpergate '10, and Steve Jobs clearly wasn't pleased. Just remember, you're probably holding it wrong. [From: YouTube]

Slo Mo Water

Expect to see the slo-mo touch of Twixtor everywhere in 2011, but for now, it still makes for a stunning effect without the need to invest tens of thousands in high-speed equipment. [From: Vimeo]

Glide 2

Graeme Taylor set his Casio Exilim FH20 point-and-shoot to capture video at 210-frames-per second while moving through a train station, then simply played back the footage at the standard 30 frames-per-second. [From: YouTube]

Washing Machine Gets Bricked

Why draw googly eyes and speech bubbles on a washing machine that gets a brick thrown in it? We've got no idea, but it's one of the funniest and most heart-wrenching videos of the year. [From: YouTube]

Vanishing Point

Don't miss Takuya Hosagane's beautiful geometric motion graphics, which feel like a more upbeat visualized version of The Books. [From: Vimeo]

Google Fashion Show

Wieden+Kennedy 'Fashion Show' spot shows off Google's image search features without relying on the stock Apple-inspired background you see in every other tech ad. [From: Vimeo]

Tron vs. Volcano

Ain't It Cool News ran a Tronitizing contest wherein readers added heavy neon to movies. 'Aliens' is good, but we're hoping for a full version of the delightfully weird 'Tron Vs. the Volcano,' with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. [From: YouTube]

Tweeting at Wine Tastings

What's guaranteed to make food and drinking experiences better? Twitter, of course! [From: ABC News]

Inception Animals

In a world of endless movie remixes in the style of the 'Inception' trailer, 'Inception Animals' blows us away. [From: YouTube]

We Love xkcd

Elaine Doyle and Olga Nune's 'I Love xkcd' successfully translated a webcomic to video by wrangling the formidable singing talent of Cory Doctorow, Wil Wheaton, Neil Gaiman and many more. [From: YouTube]

Radiolab - Words

We keep coming back to Radiolab's touching short film that masterfully mixes the different meanings of words and images. [From: YouTube]

Dubya Interviews Mark Zuckerberg

In the weirdest Zuckerberg video of 2010 (among many candidates), George W. sat down with the Facebook founder to talk Bush's book sales, philanthropy and iPads. [From: Livestream]

3-D Video Capture With Kinect

Kinect hacks have taken off since the device hit the market earlier this year, but this early 3-D exploration of live video shows off the stunning potential of the motion-capture gaming device. [From: Kinect]

Old-school Photoshop

BoingBoing uncovered this incredible video of a Soviet-era image editor, which seems just as effective as iPhoto in improving underexposed photos of military parades. [From: YouTube]


New York City gets attacked by retro, 8-bit enemies in Patrick Jean's stunning 'PIXELS.' [From: YouTube]

Kinect Failures

The proliferation of affordable video distribution, cheap camcorders and motion-capture gaming all but guarantees that YouTube will be filled with Kinect failures for years to come. [From: YouTube]

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