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Blame Only Yourselves: 'CityVille' Now Even Bigger Than 'FarmVille'

'cityville'You jerks. We told you not to do it, but you went and signed up anyway. In fact, it seems like you ignored us with great gusto, because Zynga's new money-pit 'CityVille' has just surpassed the number of users of its old money-pit, 'FarmVille.' It took less than a month for this simulacrum of real life within a Precious Moments-themed casino of broken dreams to reach 16.8 million daily active users -- 400,000 more than those still stuck hoeing blueberries.

Two other Zynga games -- 'FrontierVille' and 'Texas Hold'Em Poker' -- also appear in the top five Facebook apps, according to App Data. Only 'Phrases,' that weirdo app that U.S. users can't even access, has managed to infiltrate Zynga's evil gaming tetrad. You stay strong, 'Phrases,' and keep on doing whatever it is you do.

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