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Navy Pilots Flew Helicopters Into Lake Tahoe for Facebook Picture

Helicopters on Lake Tahoe
When two Navy helicopters unexpectedly landed at Lake Tahoe Airport on September 13th, they did so with half a million dollars in damages. Even more unexpected, an ensuing Navy investigation has found that the damage was caused by the crafts' two pilots and their decision to hover just above the surface of Lake Tahoe -- so that they could post the pictures to Facebook, no less. (Did we mention that MH-60 Romeo helicopters can't really hover over water?) After falling into the lake, the choppers were able to regain enough power to limp over to the airport.

Both helicopters' crews have gotten their comeuppance for the crash, but the Navy has been characteristically austere in its statements. "The investigation identified the decision of the aircraft commanders to conduct hovers over Lake Tahoe without completing the necessary engine performance calculations as the causal factor for the mishap," stated a release. Officially, the Navy has stripped the two pilots of their flying status, and forced the two student pilots to repeat their training. (Unofficially, we'd imagine that the first part entails the most demeaning assignment imaginable, and that the second part involves a more aggressive pedantic approach.)

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