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'Teenage Mom Jailed' Scam Slowly Spreading Across Facebook

Teenage Mom Jailed Scam
It may be the holiday season, but scammers don't take vacations. If you spot a post in your Facebook news feed about a teenage mother being jailed for posting a "disgusting photo" of her baby, don't click on it. The link leads to a Blogspot page that asks you to 'Like' the site and share the link with your Facebook friends in order to view the story. Of course, this is just the first of many hurdles you'll be asked to clear, none of which actually lead to the supposedly "disgusting photo." After clicking to share the story and posting it to your Wall, you'll be asked to click on "3 different ADD's." (No scam is complete without some strange misspelling.) You'll then be presented with nine different links for various affiliate programs that, if you sign up for the offers, will give the scammer a commission.

At the end of all this, there are no photos and there's no news story; you've simply spammed your Facebook friends, and helped spread the scammer's ploy. Unlike many other scams, though, this one actually asks you to confirm your decision to post the link to your Wall before it hijacks your Wall. (That indicates to us that the scam is not the work of a serious professional, and is likely the reason it's been slow to spread.) As usual, just be wary of any links posted on Facebook, especially those relating to "disgusting" photos of babies, or otherwise.

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