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Pandora Piracy All The Rage: 'Avatar' Most Torrented Film of 2010

'Avatar' was one of the most (over-)hyped and talked-about films of the year, so it's only appropriate that, to round out 2010, the James Cameron blockbuster finds itself atop a list of the most pirated films of the year. 'Avatar' has been torrent-downloaded 16,580,000 times, quite a lot more than last year's most pirated film, 'Star Trek,' which was shared about 11 million times. Perhaps most interesting, though, is that viewers seemed to be more than willing to pull down the 3-D hit, even though the digital file would provide a less-than-optimal viewing experience. 'Avatar' may have drawn huge crowds to the theaters thanks to its 3-D visuals, but most viewers simply want convenience and the privacy of their own homes .

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