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Shopping Tips: Know What You Want, Know How To Get It

blueflyFinally flexing your shopping chops, huh? Thinking you can score some sweet deals on your Web jaunts? Now that you are up to date on your favorite stores and have your phone loaded with shop-happy apps, you think you are invincible, right? Wrong. You are still babes in the woods. Luckily, we are here, ready to save you from your retail-reject past.

Know What You Want

To be honest, this tip isn't so much about technology or increasing productivity: this is about knowing what you want and using the Internet to find it. Make a list, with wants and needs. You might need a new vacuum cleaner, but really want a massage. You might need a new pillow set, but want a new skirt set. Articulating what you want, and having a list handy, is a great way to know what you want when you are flooded with info-intensive discount sites. Also, when the e-mail folder we set up on Monday fills up, you can quickly eye the headlines of sites like Living Social, Groupon and Gilt to see if anything on your need or want list pops up. By knowing exactly what you want, you can shop smartly, instead of grabbing sales that catch your eye but aren't particularly useful.

Keep Discount Sites At Close Range

Not only is Googling your desired product one of your best bets for finding the lowest price, but knowing where to go is your number one most useful tool for deal-diving. Our go-to sites are usually Bluefly, Overstock and, of course, eBay and Whenever we make a purchase, cross checking (or using one of the apps we mentioned yesterday) with these sites will help you see what discounts you can get. Checking on sites like these -- along with time-sensitive options like Gilt or Rue La La, mean you will always get the best price with whatever it is you want to buy. With a little know-how and vigilance, and also knowing exactly what you are looking for, you'll never pay full price again.

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