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'American Guy Stoned to Death' Scam Hits Facebook

American Guy Stoned to Death
If you come across any Facebook posts about an American guy being stoned to death, ignore them; they're just part of yet another scam.

Many of the posts currently circulating around the social network read: "This American GUY must be stoned to De@th for doing this to a GIRL." Others have a more holiday-themed touch: "This American GUY must be Stoned to De@th for doing this to a GIRL on Christmas Eve." Both, however, are accompanied by a link that appears to lead to a Facebook application. If you click on it, you'll find a video thumbnail of a girl in her underwear, standing in front of a locked door.

It's not hard to see how the image could entice many users into going further, but doing so will only result in a request to allow a third-party application to access and post items to your profile. After that, you'll be prompted to fill out a survey disguised as anti-spam verification. In reality, a completed survey will only earn the spammers a commission. Meanwhile, the app has already posted the exact same message to your Wall, thereby spreading it to all your friends.

It's an all-too familiar formula, but, unfortunately, it's also one that clearly works. As always, it's best to avoid the links at all costs, but, if you think you may have already fallen for the trick, this video from Sophos can help you clean up your account.

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