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Shopping Tips: Keep Your Apps (and Deals) Super Fresh

Ah, our shopping Padawans. Yesterday, we got you on , but today, we are going to teach you to be savvy shoppers on-the-go. Most mass retailers have dedicated apps, but if you had an app for every store you've ever shopped, your phone would be groaning under its own consumerist weight. So, for today, we've listed our five best shopping apps and a couple basic suggestions, so you can score rad deals while you bounce around town.

Separate Your Computer From Your Phone

We love Target. It has everything we can possibly want at fair prices, but we don't necessarily need the whole mega-store, from diapers to driers, on our phones. Instead, the apps we load on our mobiles are specifically time-sensitive. That way, information is always updating and, because our savings are always in reach, our discounts are totally fresh. Stores that stock evergreen products, like Target and Best Buy, are saved for browsing, or when we have something specific in mind. But as sales start, we want to know, whether we are in front of our computer or not. Some of our favorite deal-chasing apps include:


Groupon With myriad cities under its belt and a clean, understandable interface, Groupon will update you with the mass sales every day, allowing you to buy online. Groupon is great to check on your way to work -- and then you'll have the rest day to think about whether you want to buy.

Gilt Groupe

Gilt Groupe The big G has a simple, easy-to-use application that alerts you whenever a sale starts, reminding you to peep the angora golf club cozies before anyone else does. Browse and buy on your phone, and never again worry about signing in at 12:05 and finding all of your sizes ransacked.


Amazon Sure, Amazon certainly falls into the category of a major chain that is meant for full-computer browsing, but when you are out and about, it's always great to see if you can get a better buy on Amazon. To make comparing a cinch, the app allows you to snap images of barcodes (or even objects) for immediate price references.


Ebay When you first get your smart phone, downloading your eBay app should be right up there with setting up your voicemail. Not only can you browse online, but easy bidding and watching is possible when you get automatic updates, letting you win your macramé angels directly in-app.


Not only is the Overstock app one of the nicest looking shopping programs around, but the clean interface means you can quickly look up what you want and get it at a massive discount. By pulling up the app's menu, you get a daily "scratch-off" lotto, which nets you one discount, available until the end of the day.

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