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Gift Guide: ZVOX ZBase550 HDTV Speaker Bar for Under $500

ZVOX Zbase550 hdtv speaker barAs a holiday gift for all you film lovers out there, we officially absolve you from having to deal with stringing pesky wires all over your den to get the surround-sound feel. Among a certain circle, ZVOX is renowned for its high-quality but convenient synthetic surround-sound bars that pump out fantastic home-theater audio with nary a complication. For the mid-level ZBase500, setup goes like this: place the 550 on your TV cabinet; put your HDTV on top of it; plug your audio-out cables from your TV into the 550; plug it in the wall; and turn it on. Done. You will now experience truly room-filling sound, and never have to think twice about switching receiver inputs or how to keep from tripping over the damn wires running to your rear-channel speakers. If you're rockin' an all-digital TV and Blu-ray, an extra $50 will get you the 550HSD, which has optical audio inputs. (You're welcome.)


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