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Insane Animation Actually Makes Google Docs Presentation Interesting

Google Docs Animation
Google has been systematically expanding the Docs feature set for several years. It seems a group of geeks finally realized the full potential of that diversification process, and their Docs manipulation recently resulted in a surprisingly captivating creation. Sporting some awesome geek-hop handles, Tu+, Namroc, Metcalf and the Consulate General Alex C., the crew generated -- apparently with "no animation software" and "no high-tech hardware" -- a truly "Epic Docs Animation."

Allegedly using "nothin' but Google Docs," the geek conglomerate sequentially arranged 450 separate slides to create, in their words, "the most awesome 450 page presentation ever." While it is certainly awesome, if you're prone to animation-induced seizures, you may want to briefly avert your eyes around the :28 mark.

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