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Facebook Leaks 'Memories,' New Fan Pages and Questions

Facebook Memories
Facebook users were hit with close to an hour of downtime yesterday after the site was forced to shut down after several prototype features were accidentally pushed live. Facebook told Wired, "For a brief period of time, some internal prototypes were made public to a number of people externally. As a result, we took the site down for a few minutes. It's back up, and we apologize for the inconvenience." Among the new prototypes spotted were redesigned Fan Pages that adopt the streamlined look of the new profile pages, Facebook Questions, Switch Login and a Memories feature.

The Fan Page prototype offers a tab-free experience, moving navigation to the left side of the page. Questions looks like it has been cleaned up since we last saw it, with a more prominent integration into the site's design. Similar to Google's multiple account feature for using two (or more) Gmail accounts at the same time, Switch Login lets you easily jump between different Facebook accounts. This should be great for power users that need to manage multiple pages and accounts.

Facebook Memories looks to be the most interesting prototype pushed out (see the screen capture above). Diving deep into your own Facebook history has always been a convoluted process, and Memories looks to make it easier to quickly browse your photos, status updates, new friends, likes and more. The module, organized by year, briefly appeared under some users' profile pictures. We wouldn't be surprised to see the Memories module mixed in with the Friendship pages eventually. It's perfect for parsing years of status updates between friends with just the right amount of creepiness.

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