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Scientists Battle Back Pain With Shocking Spinal Smart Chip

smart chip spine
Implantable chips offer seemingly infinite healing possibilities, particularly for the blind, the disabled and those who suffer from Parkinson's Disease. Australian scientists now believe a developmental chip could offer tantalizing benefits for sufferers of another affliction. According to Popular Science, National ICT Australia recently revealed its design for "a smart chip that, when embedded in the spine, intercepts and blocks pain messages en route to the brain."

Doctors conceivably will install a minuscule chip, contained "in a biocompatible casing smaller than the head of a match," within a patient's spine. A separate wireless battery implant, which doctors connect to an outside processor, continuously charges the implanted pain blocker. That alleviating chip actually recognizes pain signals as they travel toward the brain. It will then annihilate the messages of misery with a 10-volt electric pulse.

For anyone that suffers from chronic back pain, the implant obviously offers revolutionary coping benefits. But, given what often happens with self-contained or self-administered pain relievers, the possibilities for abuse -- or for negligence of the real problem -- still pose just as obvious of a dilemma.

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