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Robber Boasts on Victim's Facebook Page

Burglar Boasts on Facebook Page It takes one kind of dirtbag to simply rob a person. It takes a different level of lowlife to steal from a 15-year old. And it takes a very special kind of scum to then post photos posing with the stolen goods on the victim's Facebook page. Marc Fisher's home in D.C. was invaded one night. The thief simply kicked in the aging wooden basement door, and ransacked the house. Fisher, who wrote about the incident to the Washington Post, said his 15-year-old son was hit the hardest. The robber made off with his iPod, his laptop and several hundred dollars in cash and savings bonds -- but not before stopping to take a snapshot of himself posing with the rest of his haul (right), and posting it on the boy's Facebook page for all his friends to see.

Unfortunately, the clear photo of the criminal has not yet led to an arrest. The truth, officers on the scene confided to Fisher, is that police rarely push hard on burglary arrests because judges often let the crooks off with only probation. Facebook is providing some help in the case, though. The company immediately locked up Fisher's son's account, and did its best to trace the burglar's movements. The company is now waiting on a subpoena from the D.C. police to provide information in the case. The only irreplaceable thing lost to the theft was the son's meticulously kept database of every film he'd ever seen -- with comments on each. We'd say he should have backed it up to a hard drive, but the thief probably would have stolen that, too.

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