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Foursquare Check-ins Open the Doors at

Check in at
We're not entirely sure what the duo of Erin Sparling and Nicholas Hall do at -- and that's even after reading a profile of them over at Fast Company. All we know is that this Web development team inhabits one of the most geek-friendly offices we've ever seen. The company scored a minor viral hit with a video invitation to their New Year's Eve party. That video showed off the key to unlocking the office's door: Foursquare (video after the break). The company has a Mac Mini checking for Foursquare check-ins at every three seconds. When it detects a check-in from one of the white-listed employees or visitors, the computer sends a signal down to the front door triggering the buzzer and unlocking it without the need to call up on the intercom. On New Year's Eve, the door will unlock for everyone.

That's not the end of the geeky goodness, though. The company's site is hosted on a G4 model Xserve mounted inside a glass-top coffee table, where the team likes to throw caution to the wind and rest their beers. There's also a mini Nintendo museum in the living room, featuring every console the company ever released, including the Japan-only Famicom and Super Famicom, as well as an original Game Boy with both the printer and camera accessories. (The office is really just an apartment with desks.) The one piece missing from the collection is the R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy) accessory for the original NES. So, if you've got one, give Sparling or Hall a call, they'd appreciate it.

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