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French Artist Turns Facebook Profile Into Face Profile

alexandre oudin's facebook profile
Facebook users may not be able to personalize their profiles to the same ridiculous extent that MySpace members can, but that stark, blue and white design holds more potential for self-expression than you might think. Case in point: Alexandre Oudin, a French artist who recently put the 'face' back in his Facebook profile.

Taking advantage of the revamped photo layout on Facebook's new profile, Oudin turned his profile into a creative homage to, well, his own face. And, as TechCrunch explains, it's not even that hard to pull off. All you have to do is block all the photos of you that other friends have tagged, then upload your new photos to your profile pictures album. The new photos, though, need to be the exact same size as Facebook's display, otherwise it won't work. Or, if you're more interested in punking your pals than personalizing your profile, you could always use the new layout for decidedly more nefarious purposes.

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