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Tastebuds Dating Service Hooks Up Kindred Musical Spirits

If you ask us, there isn't a whole lot of rhyme or reason to what sets a body's heart aflutter. That being said, people with common interests do tend to get along fairly well, so we steer clear of condemning the Web's myriad dating sites. Tastebuds, a new such service, focuses solely on common musical tastes, striving to unite early R.E.M. fans the world over.

While it's nice to think of an Oi!-boy-meets-rudegirl story unfolding on the Web 2.0, we think Tastebuds might run into a slight hurdle. That straight girl who rocks the dogsh*t out of the Melvins, and that straight guy who totally digs Ray LaMontagne are going to be swamped.

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