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Crooks Scoring Refunds With Faked Amazon Receipts

Amazon.comIn a scam discovered by security firm GFI, crooks are targeting Amazon this busy holiday season by using software to create fake Amazon receipts. The scammers then present the receipts for the bogus purchases to Amazon, claiming they never received their order and demanding a refund. Apparently a rather trusting company, Amazon assumed that, for whatever reason, the order was not processed properly, and credited the crooks' accounts -- no questions asked.

The receipts are created using a dedicated Amazon receipt-generating tool that's freely available online. The faked HTML receipts are apparently convincing enough to fool many sellers, though not quite perfect. Christopher Boyd, a senior researcher at GFI told CNET that some of the details on the receipt are off, and advised retailers to carefully inspect receipts from customers requesting a refund for undelivered goods. Of course, with the holiday rush ongoing, many sellers are simply trying to move as quickly as possible to get shipments out the door, and aren't being as scrupulous as possible.

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