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See Photos of WikiLeaks' James Bond-Like Data Headquarters

If you thought Julian Assange and his team of WikiLeakers were wreaking global havoc from some decrepit, dank basement in northern Europe, guess again. The Daily Mail recently ran some photos of the Pionen data center -- a cave carved out of granite under Stockholm's Vita Berg Park, where WikiLeaks reportedly houses all of its files. And, as you can see, the photos are pretty unbelievable. (Maybe even a little too unbelievable.)

The data center sits at the site of a former bunker, which was reopened in 2008, and redesigned by Swedish architect Albert France-Lanord. France-Lanord reportedly wanted to recreate the kind of underground futuristic space that would be worthy of a James Bond set -- and he certainly did a good job. With a "floating" conference room, suspended glass hallways, and lunar landscape floor, the Pionen headquarters seems tailor-made for international espionage -- or, in Assange's case, ego-stroking. Old German U-boat engines serve as back-up generators, while artificial waterfalls serve absolutely no real purpose.
Pionen also houses dozens of servers belonging to other companies, and could reportedly withstand a nuclear attack. If these photos are to be believed, and if Wikileaks truly is storing all of its data there, it would really only confirm one thing: Julian Assange is absolutely crazy.

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