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OnLive Expands Its Streaming Sights From Games to TV and Movies

onlive logoOnLive, the on-demand video game service, has addressed many of the issues that initially concerned consumers. With those worries assuaged, and with a physical console on the immediate horizon, OnLive now apparently plans to turn its focus from rectifying problems to diversifying content. According to Reuters, OnLive officially intends to add television shows and movies to its streaming catalog.

The company, which is apparently already engaged in discussions with studio and network executives, reportedly hopes to offer the additional material to subscribers next year. CEO Steve Perlman (who has already assembled an impressive list of investors, including Warner Bros. and AT&T) contends that "streaming technology is available to anybody." He also boldly asserts that "OnLive can deliver any experience Netflix can." Given Perlman's predilection for prescient and unerring declarations, heeding the industry patriarch's assertions -- and continuing to adapt its own streaming model -- would probably be a wise move for Netflix, regardless of its established position.

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