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Retro-Futuristic Flash Game 'Neon Race' Satisfies Our Need for Speed

Perhaps you've heard of a little game that came out recently called 'Gran Turismo 5.' The long-awaited racing simulator has finally dropped on PS3, and we've had racing games on our brains. We can't escape the urge to experience high-speed thrills, and we know we're not alone. This week, we're addicted to zooming along, rocketing though our latest picks for Flash and indie racing titles.

Maybe it's due to the 'Tron'-like visuals or similarities to classic racers like 'Outrun,' but 'Neon Race' feels like a flashy blast from the past -- so much so, that we can easily imagine our younger selves stumbling upon it in the local arcade and blowing an allowance's worth of quarters on its speedy thrills. (Thank goodness it's free now.) The game is simple; just use the arrow keys to maneuver your car along a track filled with other vehicles. Avoid purple cars, and smash the red ones, as doing so fills your turbo meter, and lets you trigger an ultra-fast boost using the 'X' key. Additionally, the game's tracks are littered with power-ups and cash orbs, which can be used to acquire upgrades for your vehicle's speed and handling. Upgrades are essential, giving you the edge you need to finish each level in the required amount of time and progress. Most striking, though, are the game's graphics, which give off an immense sense of speed while working as a hypnotic laser light show.

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