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The HAMDAS-R: You Should Let This Robot Debone Your Ham

ham boning robot
Despite all of our carping and kvetching about the coming robot apocalypse, some robots simply need to be given knives -- like this Japanese ham boning robot. Listen: 'tis the season for pernil, pulled pork never goes out of style, and we've lately been craving some salty country ham. (None of that pressed pink "ham product" for us, thanks.) But should we run the risk of slicing off a digit? Have you amateur cooks ever tried to bone out a pork leg and/or shoulder? We're fans of slow food and doing the tricky business by ourselves, but that is one tough piece of critter to break down.

Leave it to the 'bots, we say. But we wonder what tech cooking maestro Dave Arnold would think. (We hear he's something of an authority on hams.) Watch many hams get deftly torn asunder by the cold, calculating arm of a robot in the video after the break.

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